So instead of telling you in a super professional way why I love to take pictures Iím just going to tell you a bit about myself and hopefully that will answer a lot of your questions about me.

I love to love~ My family and my children are my number one priority above anything~ I love to serve~ My husband is amazing ~ I love being home~ I love fall~ I love to dance with my girls~ photos are a way of expressing my creativity~ I LOVE my job~ I LOVE Jesus~ I have a lab ~  I keep my house clean 90% of the time~ I have the most amazing friends ~ Iím very close with my family~ I see my sister every day~ I take naps most days~ I now have 2 girls in school~ My husband is a teacher~ sunshine makes me happy~ I actually donít like to be on the computer~ I used to work in an orthodontic office~ I love fresh flowers on my table~ I really like to shop at value village~ I change my hair color a lot ~ my kids make me feel like Iím the greatest mom in the world~ I like to be early for things~ I like to paint when I have time~ I love the hugs  and the excitement I get from my girls when Iíve been goneÖeven for an hour~ I always wear my shoes in my house~ My mom is my role model ~ people energize me ~ I donít like to talk on the phone ~ I love eating out especially Wendyís ~  I really enjoy vacuuming ~ I donít like clutterÖless is best ~ I like to be prepared and organized ~ love meeting new people~ I LOVE to hug ~ I try to keep a smile on my face no matter what the situation ~ Did I say my family is the most important thing in my life ????

I think that sums up a little about me.  Photography has always been a part of my life and I feel so blessed that I can share my passion with others. Thank you for taking an interest in my work and hopefully when you meet me youíll feel like you already know me!

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